How to Play Monster World
How to play and earn in Monster World ?
First of all You need to have at least 1 Monster and 1 Map NFT first, as well as the three in-game tokens from pancake swap (MWC,MWM,MWF) to craft the necesarry items (Claw, Helmet and Hammer)
all above mentioned within the same wallet address

1. How to buy NFT ?

Visit the Monster World official website and click "NFT MARKET" to the Godzilla Launchpad to buy the NFT you need
Choose "NFT”->”LAUNCHPAD" from the menu on the left
Purchase Monster Mystery box and Map NFT
2. How to active your NFT for Monster World ?
Click "MY NFT" on the top right of Godzilla Launchpad to view your NFTs
Click the monsters and map you desire to activate to enter the page and click “ACTIVATION" to confirm activation.
If "IN GAME" is displayed, then the activation is successful and you can enter the Monster World(if not, refresh the page)
3. Purchasing In-Game Tokens
you can purchase the 3 tokens needed in game from PancakeSwap with their contracts below
4. Conversion of Token to In-game Resources
Open your BSC wallet and enter the game official website
go to SWAP
Click "EXCHANGE TOKEN /IN-GAME TOKEN" to visit the exchange system
Swap your tokens to the corresponding resources
now you can enter the game by connecting your wallet to and log in
enter the KO planet
now craft the equipment you desire with your newly converted resources, equip them on your monsters and set your monsters to earn you more resources
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