Monster World Background Story
Background story: At the end of the Jurassic period, a massive amount of meteorites fell from the sky accompanied by crashing thunder and lightning. A little dinosaur from the Godzilla family lost his way to escape, and the forest he lives in got broken up from the continent by a huge earthquake. In the forest, it is quite difficult to survive on his own since there are also many other mysterious habitants. Everyday, he has to train himself and stay sharp to fight for his life. Not only that, he also needs to find and protect remaining Godzilla eggs of his kind from being eaten by other monsters...
Survive Godzilla Claws: Used for fighting other Monsters for food or material resources.
Energy Growth: Godzilla helmet, collect meteorites from meteors
Battle Flying skill: can be acquired by accumulating meteorites. Collect meteorites and crystals to build spaceships.
How to get meteorites: After experiencing the rules of survival, meteorites and crystals were collected and accumulated to form a spaceship, with Godzilla eggs that can incubate new life, and left the earth to another planet (Jupiter and the like) before the destruction of the earth.
The next game series will start in outer space.
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