ZillaPad Overview
ZillaPad is a Metaverse Lauchpad built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has a broad product blueprint and the features will be launched step by step. The v1 will be launched on November 8th, 2021, which includes:
DEX trading
NFT exchange market
SocialFI Dao Nft and other additional features will be launched in the future.
Get ZillaPad membership:
Cast DAO NFT at a ratio of 100:1 to get additional rewards from ZillaPad!! Swap transaction fee, transfer burning fee, NFT trading platform transaction fee, and transfer burning deflation dividends of other members.
♣️ZillaPad membership certificate: DAO NFT
DAO NFT is the credential for incubation project's players to become Godzilla members. The membership system is created for loyal currency holders. DAO NFT is cast by incubation project's token.
With DAO NFT, players are able to get the most out of Monster World, includes: 12 $SSP per block Additional reward of 0.1% of transaction fee after team’s repurchase 0.5% of the tax from every transaction will be allocated as dividend for pledging DAO NFT Transaction fees of NFT platform(5-8% service fee)
Members with more than 1,000,000 DAO NFT can invite other members to mint DAO NFT. 10% of the DAO NFT minted by the invitee will be used as the member pledging authority of the inviter. This added feature can only last till the release of pledge. While other users release the pledge, a small withdrawal fee will be collected, and then distributed to DAO NFT holders who have not withdrawn DAO NFT.
Details of ZillaPad membership: Membership cancellation fee When DAO NFT is redeemed as $SSP, the Membership cancellation fee shall be paid in a certain percentage. Of this withdrawal fee, 50% will be distributed to all DAO NFT holders who have not withdrawn in the form of DAO NFT, 30% will be destroyed directly, and 20% will be used as the project reserve pool (subsequently will be used as rewards of ZillaPad eggs and ZillaPad NFT fragments, as well as the source of incentives for providing liquidity).
The rate of withdrawal fee is dynamic and may fluctuate according to $SSP's "Membership Index". The higher the membership Index, the lower the withdrawal fee. Membership Index = the number of DAO NFT * 100/circulated number of $SSP. When the Membership Index is greater than 0.65, more than 65% of the circulating $SSP is pledged, and the rate of withdrawal fees reaches the lower limit, 15%. As the membership index decreases, the withdrawal rate gradually increases. When the membership Index is less than 0.1, only less than 10% of the circulating $DMS are pledged, and the rate of withdrawal fees reaches the upper limit, 65%. Define the membership index as x, the penalty rate is y, and the specific formula for the withdrawal fee rate is: When x≥0.65, y = 0.15 When x≤0.1, y = 0.65 When 0.65>x>0.1, y=0.740909-x * 0.909 The parameters of the withdrawal rate will be adjusted irregularly with the progress of the project, and the subsequent DAO will be determined by the community governance after the start of the DAO.
On DEX, a 0.30% transaction fee will be collected for every transaction. The transaction fee will be allocated in such way: 0.1% - repurchase $SSP to allocate to liquidity providers 0.06% - operational cost for the core team, investment fund for new ecosystem project 0.04%-After purchasing BNB, it will be distributed to users who hold Super Godzilla NFT and pledge $GODZ 0.05%-Repurchase $SSP TO burn 0.025%-repurchase GODZ to provide liquidity in the LP 0.025%-allocate to DAO NFT holders Note: The transaction fee generated when the aggregate transaction function is turned on is not distributed.
There will be a variety of NFTs in Monster World, with two disclosed types being: earning ZillaPad NFT and tool NFT - little dinosaurs.
Monsters World has many kinds of NFTs. First, two types are disclosed: income NFT ZillaPad, and prop NFT-small dinosaurs.
Meanwhile, ZillaPad LaunchPad will release its first large-scale chain game ‘Monster World’ on November 25th. As the master of Monster World, players need to strategically find and collect all kinds of Monster eggs to earn rewards.
In Monster World, all Monsters are hatched from eggs, along with abundant resources and tools to form into a rich and colorful ecosystem.
While enjoying a full range of game play, players can also earn dividends by contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.
The blind box sale of Monster World will be carried out on the BSC chain. The price of blind boxes will increase by 7% after each round (total seven rounds), and the price will continue to climb. A total of 45,000 Monster NFT Blind Boxes will be released. The sale cycle is from November 8th to November 26th. The first round of sales is Sunday. There are 6 rounds of sales in the entire sales process, and a new round is opened every 96 hours for a total of 18 days.
There are 6 generations of ZillaPad monsters, as the level of the ZillaPad monster increases, the corresponding level of reward will also increase. Complete 12 battles daily in "Monster World" to get game token incentives; The details will be announced in ‘Monster World’.
The sixth-generation monster ZillaPad, as the level of the monster ZillaPad increases, the corresponding income will also increase: Complete 12 battles daily in "Monster World" to get game token incentives; The specific benefits will be introduced in detail in "Monster World".
Recommended entry point: It is recommended to enter at the first round of sale, for it’ll be the most cost-efficient way to get 3 ZillaPad of different types at 80 $USDT each, as the price will go up in every new round of sale, and owning three ZillaPad monsters of different level is required to enter the game. Please be mindful that the blind boxes can only be purchased with the combination of BNB+DMS (90%:10%).
$SSP token function and value capture
$SSP is the governance token of Monster World, and it has also been given various functions. Holding $SSP, you will obtain following rights: capture transaction fee rewards of the trading platform: part of the transaction fee of Godzilla Swap will be used to repurchase and burn $SSP to cast DAO NFT.
In $SSP's burning mechanism, 6% is deducted for each transfer, of which 3% goes to marketing promotion, 3% buyback and add to the liquidity pool. Another function of $SSP is it can be used for NFT synthesis and card slot purchase on the NFT trading platform, where various governance NFTs will be available, and it can also be used for proposals and voting after the DAO module is online.
Players can gain more privileges in Monster World by exchanging their $DMS for DAO NFT to get the ZillaPad membership. As a member of DAO NFT and Godzilla:
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