ZillaPad MetaVerse LitePaper

ZillaPad Metaverse = DEFI + NFT + GameFi incubator

ZillaPad NFT has also been given mining attributes, and users can earn ZillaPad tokens by staking NFT.
Since ZillaPad is a decentralized MeMe project, where does the ZillaPad token obtained by staking NFT come from?

DMS deflation token ecosystem

As a deflationary MEME project, ZillaPad's token economy is very critical:
Full circulation: ZillaPad's token has been fully circulated, and the DEV wallet hold 0 token. All people obtain ZillaPad tokens through the secondary market, no pre-sales, no team shares, and consensus building through the community.
When the ZillaPad metaverse was created, more than 50% of the total ZillaPad tokens had been burned.
When the ZillaPad metaverse is operating, 6% of the transaction fee is deducted for each transaction (including transfer), 3% of the transaction fee is add to the liquidity pool, 3% of the transaction fee is allocated to Marketing Wallet. This is a common token model for deflationary MeMe projects.
Why the vast majority of deflationary MeMe projects fail is that many deflationary MeMe projects have not considered complete ecological construction and development from the beginning of planning, so MeMe projects that rely on pure models are destined to only be short-lived.
Lp holding dividends: 2.5% of the $DMS circulation will be proportionally distributed to $DMS LP holders, thereby strengthening users' willingness to hold coins. In short, holding $DMS is like holding a mining machine, and you can enjoy the benefits of the ZillaPad ecosystem.
Deflationary destruction: ZillaPad is a deflationary token that will support multiple destruction schemes. For example, when ZillaPad lays out the NFT section, users use ZillaPad to participate in NFT snap-ups and auctions, and part of $DMS will be destroyed; another example, $DMS's black hole address is also a currency holding address, and now the black hole address already holds more than 50.4% of $DMS , Which means that most of $DMS's on-chain transaction fees are burned and destroyed.
Liquidity growth: ZillaPad combines the importance of liquidity for DeFi. Therefore, ZillaPad will continue to inject $DMS or other project token incubated by ZillaPad into the liquidity pool incentives through the community and transaction fees to continuously enrich the thickness and depth of the liquidity pool.
ZillaPad's liquidity Farms is living on BSC. With the launch of the ZillaPad NFT farming, more $DMS or other project token incubated by ZillaPad incentives will be provided to the flow pool, making the flow pool deeper.
Above, many token economy designs can help $DMS realize internal self-circulation in the early stage.
Going back to the previous question, other project token incubated by ZillaPad meta-universe, where does the income of staking NFT come from? It is now very clear that 6% of the transaction fee from each $DMS chain is injected into the NFT Farming pool, so as to ensure the stability and continuity of the NFT pledge income.
This combines ZillaPad metaverse with $DMS's token model.

Continuously empower $DMS holders

In addition to participating in NFT mining, users can also enter the farm to participate in liquid mining, which is also a way to continuously empower $DMS holders.
In the future, $DMS holders can enjoy the five powers of ZillaPad metaverse:
1.Stake NFT and increase the computing power through ZillaPad to participate in the mining pool rewards. The annualization is expected to be higher than 300%;
2.Holding $DMS can participate in liquid mining on the farm, and can mine $DMS and ZillaPad-incubated game project tokens;
3.Holding $DMS can purchase various NFTs in the NFT market, including their own NFTs, and NFTs for incubating games, etc.;
4.Holding $DMS can participate in the auction, bidding on rare NFTs;
5.Holding NFT and ZillaPad can get the whitelist qualification of ZillaPad incubation game project. The empowerment of ZillaPad will be a powerful driving factor for $DMS's continuous high price.

So, where did ZillaPad NFT come from?

Genesis ZillaPad NFT will be distributed through blind box purchases. All participants will use BNB or $DMS to make blind box purchases. 10% of these successful BNB and ZillaPad purchases will be given to the development team and 40% will be used to inject into the NFT Farming pool. , 50% is used for destruction.
How did the community get ZillaPad NFT after the creation of the world?

Acquired through ZillaPad NFT trading market auction

Auction rules (tentative), users use $DMS to participate in the auction; then, each increase in the auction process is 10%, of which 8% goes to the NFT owner and 2% goes to the previous bidder. 20% of the bidding commission is charged as a service fee, 40% of which will enter the NFT mining pool, 50% of which will be converted into $DMS and burned, and 10% of this will be sent to the dev wallet for ecological development.

Synthesize more scarce NFTs through different ZillaPad NFTs

The process of synthesizing rare ZillaPad NFT requires the use of a certain amount of $DMS as fuel in addition to different types of ZillaPad NFT. This has brought two aspects of deflation, one is $DMS, and the other is ZillaPad NFT. At the same time, it increases the scarcity of the two, thus opening up room for appreciation.

Launch the incubation platform and launch ZillaPad

In the ama sharing of ZillaPad's opening transaction in August, ZillaPad mentioned that it will focus on the incubation and distribution of blockchain games in Southeast Asia. At present, a quiz game is incubating. ZillaPad will provide an open NFT pre-sale issuance channel for the incubated blockchain projects. This new NFT + Token financing and Token issuance method will help the project build a healthier primary market.
Obtaining new qualifications for incubating blockchain projects will be a very important means of empowering ZillaPad NFT and $DMS tokens. For example, holding ZillaPadNFT and $DMS pledge computing power to meet the requirements can be eligible for the blind box pre-sale whitelist of the incubation project. Players who are eligible for the whitelist will participate in the Genesis NFT pre-sale and get high profits.

Copy the NFT and liquidity mechanism to the incubation project to help the project build a healthier primary market

Token creation mining:

By participating in the pre-sale of the incubation project NFT, you can obtain the project NFT with "computing power" assignment, and pledge it to NFT Mining to participate in the creation and mining of the project governance Token, thus completing the first public distribution of the project Token.

Initial liquidity:

A certain percentage of the revenue generated from the pre-sale of NFT blind boxes will be allocated to project developers for project developers to use for project research and development. The remaining part will be injected as initial liquidity and locked in DEX.

Liquidity mining:

ZillaPad Farming (liquid mining) and Pool will be another "continuation" function of the LaunchPad module, which can effectively help the project governance Token to continue the value after the public issuance.

Form a strong DAO community and develop innovatively

At present, ZillaPad's global community construction has just started, and more community volunteers are needed to join. Community volunteers are responsible for group maintenance and management.
ZillaPad is carrying out project construction and development from an ecological perspective. Meme or blockchain games are always outdated, but the ecology can continue and incubate newer and better project models to replace old projects. ZillaPad's future ecological richness will infinitely increase the ceiling of its development. Through DAO construction, ZillaPad will grow into a platform that integrates capital and project incubation. And with a mature community and GameFi incubation mechanism, there is unlimited room for imagination in the future.