Monster World Gameplay Guide

Play to Earn, the Next Hottest Chain Game You Cannot Miss - Monster World!

Monster World is a blockchain game based on the BSC network (Binance smart chain). Here, players can choose suitable tools, explore unknown territories, and experience the infinite fun of fighting in the Monster World ecosystem.

Monster World Roadmap

Smart contract development, UI development, web application deployment, game script development, start NFT airdrop and marketing promotion.

Phase 1 - Dec 2021

The development of NFT Marketplace development (bid, sale), LP staking and mining will start on December.
Launch applications on iOS, Android and PC; launch monster cultivation, prop synthesis. system, and upgrading system (PVE).
List MWM, MWF, and MWC tokens on PancakeSwap.

Phase 2 - the first quarter of 2022

Monster cultivation/upgrading, monster competition, monster battle.
Monster Competition: After successfully upgraded to the Tier 4 monsters, players can use in-game tokens to purchase NFT ticket to enter the Monster Competition, and those who win the championship will get huge rewards.
Monster Hegemony: Monsters that are ranked first in the competition stage are eligible to use game tokens to purchase NFT ticket to enter the hegemony stage and win the Ring of Monster.
3D version: monster migration, nest building, bloodline, breeding, incubation, cultivation, battle, mission system (PVP).
The 3D version 2 of Monster World: The Chief Elder of the Monsters Presbyterian Church issued a convening order on Facebook, calling all the residents to follow the Shiba Inu and take the super Starship to leave the planet KO ASAP, because the planet will soon be hit by countless huge meteorites.

Phase 3 - the second quarter of 2022

VR/AR game version.

Monster World Gameplay

Players need to have at least one monster and map to start the game. Each player can have up to three monsters, and each monster can have up to one set of tools. The tools can be acquired in three ways (connect to a BNB wallet to start with):
  • Sign up to participate in the official airdrop whitelist event and get NFT blind boxes by airdrop to get a free monster and map;
  • Players who have not participated in the airdrop campaign can subscribe in the IGO subscription section on the official website;
  • Advanced tools required materials to be built within the game.
There are six types of monsters in the game: Xenomorph, Smaug, Ankylosaurus, Fire Godzilla, Indomimus Rex, Godzilla, which are sorted based on its rarity, the later, the rarer and stronger they are. The initial energy level of all monsters are 100%, it will be gradually reduced during the gameplay and will need to be fixed before it goes to the monster heaven.
Each monster has its own NFT attributes such as skin color, personality, and combat power. In subsequent versions, it is able to upgrade and breed to create more powerful monsters.
Players need to activate a planet map. If resources of the planet map are used up during the game, it will need to be replenished, otherwise it will become a waste planet.
The super Spaceship is gigantic, and it can help all monsters to escape from planet KO to planet UFO. Since the planet KO and the planet UFO are very far apart, and the initial energy level of the Starship is 0, a lot of meteorites and crystals are required to fuel the entire trip.
There are also some monster pets and tiny monsters in the game:
Shiba Inu: a smart, alert, sensitive, loyal, and ultra energetic creature who can assist its owner to collect more resources and new SHIB. More importantly, only Shiba Inu can help find a suitable planet before the destruction of the planet KO. Worth to note that the energy level of Shiba Inu decreases gradually based on the intensity of the daily work, and it will need to be given energy supplement to maintain a good condition, else it’d go to the monster heaven.
Only 5,000 of Shiba Inu will be released in the initial launch, and it will need to be breed to get new ones in the later stage.
Other characters: Psittacosaurus, Anchiornis, Oviraptor, Microraptor, deer, wild boar and giant rabbit.

To Get Tools:

So far, there are three game scenes, and players can go to any game scene to start playing with the monster(s): Food gathering scene, meteorite collecting scene and crystal collecting scene.
The next step after entering Monster World is to get tools for the monster(s). In order to do so, players need to exchange BNB for three tokens: MWF, MWC and MWM, representing three different sources separately: food, crystal and meteorite, which can be used to build tools.

Token Exchange

MW token → Game token: 1:1, no transaction fee.
Game token → MW token: 5-8% transaction fee (rate will be refreshed hourly, recommended to withdraw while the fee is low).

Create Tools

Players can use materials to create tools. As shown below, players can use 500 crystals and 500 meteorites to create a level 1 tail hammer.

Tools in Monster World

The descriptions of the level, creation and production for claws:

Resource Needed
Can Create
4,000 crystals +24,000 meteorites
The collecting of claws takes 2 hours on average. Crystals can be harvested at the end of the countdown, and will be transferred to the player’s wallet directly.
  • Players can only start a new round of collecting after harvesting

The descriptions of the level, creation and production for helmet:

The collecting of helmet takes 1 hours. Meteorites can be harvested at the end of the countdown, and will be transferred to the player’s wallet directly.
  • Players can only start a new round of collecting after harvesting.
Resource Needed
Can Create
60 crystals + 360 meteorites
240 crystals + 1440 meteorites
Very Rare
960 crystals + 5760 meteorites
3840 crystals + 23,040 meteorites

The descriptions of the level, creation and production for tail hammer:

The collecting of tail hammer takes 1 hours. Food can be harvested at the end of the countdown, and will be transferred to the player’s wallet directly.
  • Players can only start a new round of collecting after harvesting
Resource Needed
Can Create
140 crystals + 840 meteorites
419 crystals + 2512 meteorites
Very Rare
1252 crystals + 7510 meteorites
3742 crystals + 22,454 meteorites

The cost and restore of action point of tools

While collecting resources, the durability of the tools and the action points of the monster will decrease. Different level of tools cause different amount of damage to tool’s durability and action points of the monster. The tools with higher yields cost more durability and action points.

Restore of the Duralibity and Action Points

The durability takes crystals to recover.
The action points takes food to recover.
The durability and the action points can affect the output of resource as shown below:
Monsters of different kinds have different action points. Players should plan it accordingly. The tools above will be worn out during use, and will need to be repaired with crystals, else will be destroyed.
Note that toxic food will be randomly generated in the food gathering scene.
If a monster mistakenly takes the toxic food, its action points and the tool’s durability will be reduced and will need to be recovered.
Monsters can be upgraded in any map. While the resources within the map are all used up, it’ll need to be updated to finish the upgrading process.
There are 1-3 cooldown periods during the upgrading, with an interval of 2 hours in between.

The Gameplay

A BSC wallet is needed to enter the game.
Connect the wallet to start playing.
Select the map (currently only the map of KO planet is available, more maps will be ready soon).
Click 'Go' to start the game.
Click the ‘Wallet’ button to exchange among three resources and three tokens.
Deposit to trade resources with tokens.
Return to the main menu, and select the monster.
The initial action points of a monster is 100%, and it needs to be restored during the gameplay, since it directly relates to the earning capability.
Click ‘Determine’ to start restoring energy, click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.
Click the ‘Smithy’ button to enter the forge shop and start creating tools.
Select the desired tool and click the ‘Make’ button. Different materials are required for creating different tools.
Click ‘Determine’ to confirm, or click 'Cancel' to cancel the action.
Click the ‘Bag’ button or the Tool bar on the left side of the monster to jump to the 'Bag' tab .
​​Select the tool, then click the ‘Equip’ button to use the current tool.
After equipped with a tool, players can now start collecting resources. Click the ‘To Get’ button to enter the map.
After collecting resources gets started, the countdown will also appear on the main tab. The yellow circle around the tool bar indicates the durability of the tool in use. After each collecting phase, the durability of the tool will be depreciated, and it needs to be replenished with energy supplies.
When the countdown of the collecting process is over, the icon will be highlighted, and click ‘To Get’ to enter the map and harvest the resources.
Go to the ‘Withdraw’ tab to convert the game resources into tokens.